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Elizabeth brings organizing, legal, and farming perspectives to her work supporting Appalachian food systems. She centers her work on the intersection (and necessity) of local ownership and control and food systems, particularly as an antidote to extractive industry. Formerly the Executive Director of the West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition, Elizabeth is a food policy consultant with the Chesapeake Foodshed Network, based in Maryland, and the Local Environmental Agriculture Project, based in Virginia. She volunteers with the WV Cooperative Collaborative, a very grassroots group partnering with the Southern Reparations Loan Fund, The Working World, and cooperatives in the Appalachian region. Elizabeth holds a JD from Vermont Law School.

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  • The Commons
  • Sharing Economy Law
  • Cooperatives
  • Community Enterprise
  • Food
  • Grassroots Finance
  • Land Use
  • Agriculture
Catawba, VA 24060
United States

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