Inspiring our Work: A Few Interesting Reads and Listens

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Here's a few articles and podcasts that are inspiring our work and the research we need to reinvent economic systems.

We'd like YOU to contribute to this monthly feature. We'll share some of what we're reading and finding interesting but if you read (or write) an article you'd like to share on Next Legal please send the link to me!

Historic Federal Law Gives Employee-Owned Businesses Access to SBA Loans from Nonprofit Quarterly by Steve Dubb
The bill, called the Main Street Employee Ownership Act of 2018 (S 2786 and HR 5236), has been advancing since it passed in committee last March. It was tucked inside the $717-billion, Fiscal Year 2019 John McCain National Defense Authorization Act, which was signed into law yesterday. Nestled in that law is Section 866, which makes employee-owned businesses eligible for Small Business Administration (SBA) section 7(a) loans for the first time.

LEFT OUT: Kali Akuno on Worker Cooperatives, Economic Democracy, and Black Self-Determination from Democracy At Work
a podcast produced by Paul Sliker, Michael Palmieri, and Dante Dallavalle, creates in-depth conversations with the most interesting political thinkers, heterodox economists, and organizers on the Left.

The promise of worker-run farming from Shareable by Matt Stannard
Analysis: Many Americans are turning to sustainable farming operations to enrich their communities and personal lives. While these enterprises can be economically precarious, small-scale food production helps foster many cooperative and sustainability-oriented values.