Inspiring our Work: A Few Interesting Reads and Listens

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YES! Photos by Chris Marion. 

Here's a few articles and podcasts that are inspiring our work and the research we need to reinvent economic systems.

We'd like YOU to contribute to this monthly feature. We'll share some of what we're reading and finding interesting but if you read (or write) an article you'd like to share on Next Legal please send the link to me!

Capitalism Is Not the Only Choice from yes! magazine by Penn Loh
Recognizing these diverse economies allows us to see that there are choices to be made.

Capitalism Has a Problem. Is Free Money the Answer? from The New York Times By PETER S. GOODMAN

Panel Discussion - 37th Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures
Four featured panelists discuss a variety of topics ranging from land reform, stewarding the commons, solidarity between grassroots movements, to the question of how to transition toward local, living economies.