Inspiring our Work: A Few Interesting Reads and Listens

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Here's a few articles and podcasts that are inspiring our work and the research we need to reinvent economic systems.

We'd like YOU to contribute to this monthly feature. We'll share some of what we're reading and finding interesting but if you read (or write) an article you'd like to share on Next Legal please send the link to me!

The White Lies of Craft Culture from Eater by Lauren Michele Jackson  
How the obsession with artisanal foods and beverages is contributing to the erasure of people of color from the history of some of those products.

Ed Whitfield: Racial Justice Meets Non-Extractive Financing The Co-Founder of the Fund for Democratic Communities on Why Economic Justice Is Key from Lift Economy by Shawn Berry
"I'm talking about an economy that's rooted in meeting your rather than an economy that's rooted in making a profit for someone." Examining the idea of “productive justice” — who owns the capacity to produce and how can we create more opportunities for people to be fully productive.

How I Can Offer Reparations in Direct Proportion to My White Privilege from yes! magazine by Chris Moore-Backman
What it looks like to pay for the unearned advantages my whiteness has afforded me.