Inspiring our Work: A Few Interesting Reads

Here's a few articles that are inspiring our work and the research we need to reinvent economic systems.

We'd like YOU to contribute to this monthly feature. We'll share some of what we're reading and finding interesting but if you read (or write) an article you'd like to share on Next Legal please send the link to me!

Oakland Grassroots Groups Unite to Purchase 23rd Avenue Building
from KQED Arts by Nastia Voynovskaya

Cycles of Change, Peacock Rebellion and other tenants envision a permanent social justice center led by queer and trans people of color, and are organizing to purchase their mixed-used residential and commercial space with support from Oakland Community Land Trust and other economic justice organizations. Can this become a model of community stabilization and resisting displacement?

3 Steps to Building Just Transition Now with a Permanent Community Energy Cooperative
from Sustainable Economies Law Center by Subin Varghese

On the just transition to community solar through a new model in development: the Permanent Community Energy Cooperative.

Crowdfunding Real Estate Isn’t Just For Millionaires Anymore. Could It Be For You?
from YES! Magazine by

Examples of equity crowdfunding to improve communities and build local wealth